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Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo Vintage Women's Belt with Mini Vara Bow

Salvatore Ferragamo Vintage Women's Belt with Mini Vara Bow

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The Tanpopo says

A very rare find from Ferragamo's past design.

Definitely a fashion belt and not your basic belt around jeans (you wouldn't find basics from our store!)  It will add a touch of elegance to your outfits!

Love the embellishment details— laced grosgrain on gold hammered texture buckle, there's even a mini signature Vara Bow on the other end. Logo is embossed nicely on a few places including on the hardware. I also like the gorgeous details of black velvet texture against dark navy stitches (it will appear black in general, but only if you look very closely! Amazing design details).

It's a belt you can rock with outfits in all seasons. Very elegant and classy.
A basic Ferragamo belt currently cost priced at over 450 USD, and of course I guarantee this vintage piece is far better in taste and quality ;)

More about Authenticity and Shipping condition

Brand: Salvatore Ferragamo

overall: 80cm x 4cm
buckle: 7cm x 7cm
pattern number: 5618
brand sizing: 70 (as stamped on end of belt, in inches about 27.5")  
4 holes for adjustability

Excellent vintage condition. Spotless on the front side. A little bit of fine scratches only on the back side.

Refer to photos for more details.

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