I’m glad you found this page and decided to learn about us.
By us, I mean just me! Hi. I’m Nicole. I founded The Tanpopo Room.

As a designer, I've been in the beauty retail industry for as long as I can remember, fortunately working with beautiful brands and people.

Having worked & lived internationally my entire life had trained my eyes to be critical on art and crafts, rising my appreciation and understanding the importance of attention to details in crafts.

The Tanpopo Room Founder

Besides being a creative, I’m someone who adores beautifully crafted objects in my everyday life. I also love history, and anything with a story. Not exactly an old soul, but for some reason old classics and vintage objects draw me in.

I am based in Tokyo, Japan.
All products from this site are sourced locally from Japan!



Dandelion picture

Tanpopo is simply dandelion in Japanese.

Dandelion is my favorite plant (I’ve got a tattoo of it!). To me, it's a very symbolic life form — showing growth, spreading ideas and calls for freedom. It reborn and conquers. On top of that, it’s very aesthetically pleasing! 



It all started as a personal mission.
I love shopping for bags, more than any other fashion item!


  • I’m a little anti-trend, and prefer timeless design.
  • I love art & crafts and any well-made, thoughtfully designed product.
  • I wanted a more sustainable way to shop.
  • Vintage is more unique, often made with better materials.
  • Vintage has a significant value and style that newer products can’t replace.

My view on luxury designer items:

The level of craftsmanship on luxury bags is simply incomparable to any fast fashion production. You are buying a one-of-a-kind product, along with craftsmanship, luxurious and high quality materials that will last and work for your style for years.

Ultimately, you're buying the definition of luxury in crafts!


In my humble opinion, vintage, the older generation of designers and craftsmanships, are timeless and far more elegant.
Having this business allows me to collect these beautifully crafted bags & share them to the “rightful” owner, while promoting conscious shopping on reuse and repair.

That is my mission for The Tanpopo Room.
Giving life to a craft to someone that can and will treasure for generations.

Say hi to me on instagram @TheTanpopoRoom :)

Nicole x