Vintage 101

About Vintage...

When an item is *truly* vintage, it is at least 20 years older than the current date. 

However, now the market has shifted towards classifying anything over 10 years fall into the category of vintage.

Truly vintage handbags can be quite valuable, particularly if they were made by designers / brands who are considered to be iconic.

To me, when you shop vintage, you are preserving iconic craftsmanship, celebrating heritage, and embracing the beauty of conscious shopping :)

The Tanpopp Room sells mostly vintage but also selective pre-loved designer items.
We want to share with you the best of both (old) worlds!

The Authenticity 

We take authenticity seriously.
We pride ourselves in only dealing with 100% authentic items, selections from trusted & licensed sources all over Japan. In some occasions, the item is purchased directly from the previous owner (pre-owned) with certification and/or proofs of purchase.

The Tanpopo Room fully condemn counterfeit goods and actively support stopping these distributions in the market. 

In the extreme unlikely event that an item is proven to be a non-authentic by a third party authenticator, we will refund you 100% including shipping.

However, the merchant fee that is charged by Shopify or Paypal is non refundable. This fee is usually 3-6% of the transaction and we do not keep this fee, the respective merchant keeps it. 

When in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Please contact us @thetanpoporoom on instagram or email to for any questions or concerns you might have.

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Repair & Cleaning

All products sold at The Tanpopo Room went through regular cleaning or professional repairing process, unless otherwise stated. We want to make sure you can use it as soon as receiving. 

We are proud to have a connection of repair specialists and bag spa contacts in Japan, so your purchase is also supporting the craftsmen's life that contributed to sparking up your bag! 

If you are interested in additional cleaning or repairing through us, please contact us at after the order is placed and we can prepare a separate quotation for you.

Chanel Vintage 101

Vintage handbags can be a great investment, items get more valuable as the years go by.

Authentic Chanel handbags starting from mid-80s on come with authenticity card embossed with a serial number.

This serial number matches the serial number appearing on a sticker placed somewhere within the handbag’s interior lining.

The number sticker, CC logo, and hologram design varied with the manufacturing date. We recommend you find open sources online if in concern. Feel free to contact us when in doubt before your purchase!

However, serial number stickers may become detached from handbags over time. Authentication cards also often become lost. This is completely normal for vintage. 

Chanel handbags missing these items can still be authentic.

The Tanpopp Room sells authentic Chanel bags BOTH with or without one of these items. Know that we always try our best to source ones that come with it for your protection of purchase.

Please contact us @thetanpoporoom on instagram or email to for any questions or concerns you might have.