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Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo Vintage Caramel Brown Leather 2way Top Handle Bag

Salvatore Ferragamo Vintage Caramel Brown Leather 2way Top Handle Bag

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 The Tanpopo says

Ferragamo is a Florence fashion house that was very known for their shoes and as a quiet luxury brand, with understated elegance throughout their fashion items.

So when I came across this beautifully minimalist top handle bag, I knew you guys will love it just as much as I do. Look at that delicious caramel brown color! Just that color alone on a bag will elevate any outfit,it's so smart and chic looking. 

Having a slot for shoulder strap makes this a convenient 2way bag (with their original strap, or your own). The bag is very structured and will stand on its own, like a box leather bag — that being said, don't expect to bend or be able to extend the size of bag due to their choice of leather! It's made to keep in this form ;)

Seems like the bag hasn't really been used, with the original tag still available.
The condition is excellent, bag body & interior is close to brand-new. You'll love it!

More about Authenticity and Shipping condition

Brand: Salvatore Ferragamo

Bag size: 25cm (w) x 21.5cm (h) x 8.7cm (d)
Made in Italy.

• Material: caramel brown leather
• Corners: perfect condition
• Base: perfect condition
• Hardware: gold hardware, great condition
• Clasp closure: works fine, in good condition
• Creases/cracks: a few very very fine creases (almost invisible!) on the right edge of the bag (see photo). Honestly you'll only see it looking up close and in bright lighting.
• Scratch: one minor scratch on one of the top handle (see photo)
• Discoloration: none
• Top Handle: great condition, except for the tiny scratch as mentioned above
• Strap: the clip on both ends work fine. One side of the strap the leather is perfect, the other side shows some minor creasing (could be due to storage), so simply flip the side! Also, it appears to have been folded during previous storage, making it shaped a little funky for now — I tried to shift the form a bit but it'll only work when you start using the bag (with daily wear + weight on the bag body), so — using it will fix it!

• Lining: nylon fabric lining
• Compartment: 1
• Inner pocket: none
• Zipper: none
• Smell: none
• Condition: very clean, appeared brand new?

Serial number available on leather tab inside the bag (see photo).

Please refer to photos for more details.

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