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Chanel Vintage White Caviar Leather CC mark Hobo Shoulder Bag

Chanel Vintage White Caviar Leather CC mark Hobo Shoulder Bag

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 The Tanpopo says

This is a rare vintage Chanel Hobo Shoulder Bag with beautiful Coco mark stitched & wooden chain-link at the handle, giving a subtle bohemian yet modern vibe.

It's such a stylish bag that will go with any outfits in any season!

I'm letting this go at an amazing price point.
I sourced it and kept it for myself from early 2023, but had to let go because... my stock is expanding!

It has been taken to bag spa for cleaning & repair on both the inside and outside just a few months ago.
The exterior is in great condition, and caviar leather is generally much more durable as you know, even whites!

The interior shows some signs of wear, however it has been thoroughly cleaned by bag spa so it's really just old stain. For ease of use and avoid seeing the wear, I recommend using some small pouches or purse organizer inside (it's helpful for a bag this size anyway!).

Ask me any questions since I personally owned this bag for a bit!

More about Authenticity and Shipping condition

Brand: Chanel

Bag size: 40cm (w) x 22cm (h) x 13cm (d)
Handle height: 21cm(h) measure from the drop

Circa early 2000s.
Made in Italy.

• Material: white caviar leather
• Base: with studded bottom. Generally normal condition, with slight surface scratches but not noticable
• Corners: sligthly rubbed, but has been repaired
• Cracks: none
• Scratch: none
• Discoloration: some normal signs of wear, but most has been worked on by bag spa
• Zipper: runs smooth, but the fabric part does show some signs of wear/discoloration (honestly not an issue for me since it's a white bag, so it was as expected)
• Handle: generally good condition, no peeling/cracks, a bit normal signs of wear on the bottom part
• Wood-like charm and links: great condition

• Lining: Chanel CC logo white fabric
• Inner pocket: 2
• Zipper: 2, runs smooth
• Smell: none
• Condition: it does shows some wear, but it's already been properly cleaned by bag spa even though some stains remains. I used a large bag inside so it didn't bother me!

Comes with complete serial number seal (7-digit starting with 7) & partial Japan boutique seal.
Authenticity card not available.

Please refer to photos for more details.

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