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Chanel Vintage Diamond Quilted Lambskin Tassel Flap Bag

Chanel Vintage Diamond Quilted Lambskin Tassel Flap Bag

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The Tanpopo says

A classic vintage from Chanel, with their signature diamond quilted lambskin leather as design but not the same as everyone else's chanel!

This sophisticated design has no logo on the exterior, but once the flap is opened — the lovely CC logo is  subtly stitched on the inner flap. Tassel is showing lovely CC logo and the design is very classy.

It's a vintage circa late 80s but still in great condition considering its age, even the 24k gold chain & tassel: did I mention how the qualitative leather and gold chain FEELS? Newer chanel bags can never match!

Looks great on the exterior, corners are still beautiful. A bit more wear showing on the flap opening area (unavoidable creases, normal signs of wear), but nothing major otherwise. The inside is very clean as well. What a gem!

More about Authenticity and Shipping condition

Brand: Chanel

Bag size: 20cm (w) x 14cm (h) x 6.5cm (d)
Gold chain/strap height: 42cm measure from top of bag to top of strap

Vintage circa 1986 to 1988.
Made in Italy.

• Material: lambskin leather
• Accessories: matching leather tassel with CC mark & gold hardware
• Hardware: 24K gold hardware, great condition on the chain & tassel.
• Corners: clean, well maintained
• Base: good condition
• Cracks: none, but some creasing around the front flap & near snap button due to age and wear on opening the bag. Some creasing around the flap on the back (not noticable when worn). These are all normal signs of wear.
• Scratch: very minor scratches due to age and wear, but not very noticable
• Discoloration: none / not noticable
• Chain strap: good condition, two spots are a little twisted but not noticable (see photos)

• Condition: good condition, clean
• Logo: 1, stitched CC mark inside the flap
• Inner pocket: 1, one with zipper
• Smell: none
• Zipper: 1, runs smooth
• Hardware: Snap button is showing tarnish & leather peeling off a bit (see photos)

Comes authenticity card  & serial number seal (7-digit starting with 0).

Please refer to photos for more details.


Question: What are the defining features of a vintage Chanel bag?

The defining features of a vintage Chanel bag include the classic diamond quilted lambskin leather, the presence of a 24K gold chain, and a tassel with the CC mark. These elements come together to create a sophisticated design that stands out from more contemporary Chanel products. Additionally, vintage Chanel bags often have a stitched CC logo subtly placed on the inner flap, which adds to the exclusivity and discreet charm of the bag.

Question: How does the quality of vintage Chanel bags compare to newer models?

The quality of vintage Chanel bags is often considered superior to that of their newer counterparts due to the materials and craftsmanship involved. For instance, the lambskin leather and 24K gold chain on a vintage Chanel have a tactile feel that newer bags cannot match. Despite being from the late '80s, the vintage bags maintain great condition, including the hardware, which speaks to the longevity and enduring quality of Chanel's vintage designs.

Question: What should one look for when authenticating a Chanel vintage bag?

When authenticating a Chanel vintage bag, one should examine several details closely. These include the material quality, such as the lambskin leather and gold hardware condition, the presence of an authenticity card, and a serial number seal, usually starting with a 0 and consisting of 7 digits. Additionally, verifying the condition of interior elements like the stitched CC mark, zipper smoothness, and the absence of smells are crucial. The snap button's tarnish and leather peeling, as mentioned, can also be indicators of age and authenticity.

Question: Why would a collector be interested in a vintage Chanel flap bag specifically?

Collectors might be particularly interested in a vintage Chanel flap bag because it embodies the timeless elegance and iconic style that Chanel is renowned for. The tassel flap bag, with its unique features such as the absence of an exterior logo and the discreet inner CC stitching, offers a piece of fashion history. Its rarity, combined with the impeccable condition despite its age, including well-maintained corners and minimal wear, makes it a coveted item for both its aesthetic and potential investment value.

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