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Chanel Vintage Tassel Asymmetrical Double Flap Bag [2]

Chanel Vintage Tassel Asymmetrical Double Flap Bag [2]

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The Tanpopo says


This was actually the very first bag that I sourced for this shop, it was this bag that made me believe finding unique & rare vintage bags is still possible!

The form is amazing — very graphic & edgy, more on the contemporary side, very Coco — innovative in their design for women's fashion items.
And the double flap? Did they foresee needing a phone compartment, because it's perfect for that.

They didn't compromise on the branding though, visibly seen by the 24k-gold plated CC logo tassel and the CC logo inside the flap (see photos).

This bag is for someone that wants something uniquely hers, yet not screaming too much "chanel" in your face, by giving a subtle hint with the CC logo tassel and signature diamond quilted design.

I am a huge fan of this bag to say the least!

More about Authenticity and Shipping condition

Brand: Chanel

Bag size: 22.5cm (w) x 17cm (h) x 8cm (d)
Handle height: 43cm(h) measure from the drop

Vintage circa late 80s to early 90s.
Made in Italy.

• Material: black lambskin leather
• Corners: normal, with minor wear
• Base: great condition
• Hardware: 24k gold hardware: re-plated with craftsman in Japan
• Chain: brand new re-plated
• Tassel: good condition since it's re-plated. Note the back side of CC logo is slightly losing its form, but will slowly wear off when in use (see photo).
• Creases: some creases on the front flap near the folded part as normal signs of wear, some other very minor ones around the lower flap as normal signs of wear on the "pulling" part of the bag (see photos).
• Cracks: none, but the side rim near the folded part shows some signs of wear with slight creasing (see photos)
• Scratch: none
• Discoloration: none

• Lining: lambskin leather
• Inner compartment: 1, with zipped pocket
• Zipper: 1, runs okay
• Smell: none
• Condition: generally good & clean condition, with minor scratches & little markts as normal signs of wear. Some very fine scratches on inside of the flap (normal signs of wear), please refer to photos. Very tiny rip on the right side corner but does not impact use (see photo).

Comes with authenticity card & serial number seal (7-digit starting with 1).

Please refer to photos for more details.

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