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Chanel Vintage Stitched CC mark Black Lambskin Flap Bag

Chanel Vintage Stitched CC mark Black Lambskin Flap Bag

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 The Tanpopo says

We need no further introduction on an unique vintage Chanel. A beige color one was sold in our shop previously in a very short time! Feel free to browse those pictures here.

This rare design is extremely hard to find now. Very classy and well-made with perfect stitching work (that CC mark!). This bag is definitely for someone that wants a classic Chanel uniquely hers.

The size of the bag and 24k-gold plated chain length makes it perfect to wear both crossbody or on the shoulder (will be a little high for crossbody). 

Condition is overall great for such an "old" vintage chanel bag! Leather is very supple still, as all vintage chanel lambskin leather should feel.
All photos are non-retouch so you see the details in the most realistic way. 

I am a huge fan of this bag design to say the least, and will always try to find it again if it ever becomes available in great condition like this one.

More about Authenticity and Shipping condition

Brand: Chanel

Bag size: 20cm (w) x 14cm (h) x 7cm (d)
Handle height: 43cm(h) measure from the drop

Vintage circa 1986-1988.
Made in Italy.

• Material: black lambskin leather
• Corners: good condition with only slight rubbing
• Base: some fine surface scratches as normal signs of wear
• Hardware: 24k-gold plated hardware, generally good condition with slight tarnish on the rings (slots where the chain goes through)
• Chain: great condition on hardware
• Cracks: no cracks, but normal leather creasing on the folded areas of the bag (normal for a bag with this age!)
• Scratch: small fine scratches here and there as a lambskin bag wears throughout the years. Some only visible in certain lighting angle, and conditioning with leather products will help maintain the leather for years to come. (see photos)
• Discoloration: none one the main body. Small patch of slight discoloration to a dark grey-ish tone, next to the gold ring (slot where the chain goes through) on the bag's right side. (see photo)

• Lining: leather
• Inner pocket: 1
• Zipper: 1, runs okay
• Smell: none
• Condition: good condition, clean, no peeling or anything!

Comes with complete serial number seal (7-digit starting with 0).
Authenticity card not available.

Please refer to photos for more details.

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